How to find Creston, BC:

Coming from Vancouver, BC:

Take Hwy 3 (Crowsnest) from Hope through Manning Park to Princeton. Continue on Hwy 3 through Osoyoos and further on though Grand Forks, Castlegar, and Salmo. When you cross the Kootenay River and approach Cerston, turn right onto Hwy 12 that leads to Porthill, USA (you are only 12 km from the border...), before you get up on the hill the town is built on. Stay on this road for about 3 km till you have a closed pizza factory on your right hand side (if you cross the bridges over the two arms of Goat River, you came too far...). To your left is Erickson Road. Turn left on Erickson road.

You should count about 8-10 hours driving time.


Coming from Spokane, WA:

Follow Hwy 395 North, out of town, but watch for hwy 2 turning off! You follow hwy 2 to Sandpoint, Idaho, and continue north to Bonners Ferry. About 3 km past Bonners Ferry, the road divides: Hwy 2 goes to Kalispell, Montana, but you follow Hwy 95 to Porthill and Canada. About 10 km before the border, you come to a fork. Hwy 95 continues to your right, and goes to Cranbrook via the Kingsgate border crossing. You take the left to Porthill, where you enter Canada on Hwy 21. You continue about 10 km, and pass over two bridges over the 2 arms of Goat River. About 1 km past that, you will see the "Welcome to Creston" sign, and your first right after than is Ericksonn Road. Turn right on Erickson Road..

You should count 3-4 hours driving time.


Coming from Calgary, AB:

Follow Hwy 1 all the way through Banff, and turn south on Hwy93 to Radium Hot Springs. Saty on Hwy 93 till past Fort Steele where you follow Hwy 95 to Cranbrook instead of following Hwy 93 to Fernie. From Cranbrook, you stay on Hwy 93/3 to Yahk, almost at the US border. In Yahk, you turn right on Hwy 3 that leads you to Creston. In Creston, you turn left at Dairy Queen, go past the medical center and teh police station. The road ends in a T-junction with Erickson Road. Turn right on Erickson Road, crossing the railway track to the brewery.

Your driving time will probably be 5-6 hours.


Coming from Lethbridge, AB:

Follow Hwy 3, all the way to Creston. Then pretend you came from Calgary...

Your driving time will likely be 3-4 hours.


Coming from Edmonton, AB

Go to Calgary first and follow the direction from there. The tour over Jasper is beautiful, but at least an hour longer...

You should count some 7-9 hours for the driving.


Coming from Seattle, WA

Follow Interstate 90 to Spokane and then follow the directions from there.

Travel time will be 9-12 hours.


Coming from Kalispell, MT

Follow Hwy 2, almost to Bonners Ferry, Idaho. In the junction between Hwy 2 and 95, you turn right on Hwy 95, going north to Porthill and Canada instead of south to Bonners Ferry. Follow the last patr of the instruction from Spokane about how you cross the border and continue.

You should be able to do the driving in about 3 hours.

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