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   Dog problems are generally all man made
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As with most cases of conflict, also in the human world, problems are heavily rooted in miscommunication. In the case with dogs and the way they relate to humans, the situation is further complicated by the dog not being able to express itself very clearly in English - and the owner most often not being able to express much that makes sense for the dog in Dog Language....

On top of that comes the very common human misunderstanding of the dog's nature and needs. It comes as a complete surprise to many that the dog is not a four-legged human, and treating it as such rarely leads to peace and harmony, no matter how genuine the loving intents are...

Fortunately, dogs are quite predictable, when it comes to behavior.... The main part of their behavior is controlled by their instincts. Although they are fast learners also and quickly add learned behaviours also, this is always founded on their instincts. So, if you can get to fully understand and comprehend their instincts, you have a powerful way of communication that very often can reveal a simple key to a solution of the behavior problem you experience....

But you are not an expert in this?

No problem! We know someone who is! And we know he is happy to help you - as the dog's advocate.

Mogens Eliasen - 
35 years of excellence and experience 
at your service!Mogens Eliasen's background and experience in the world of dog behavior and training is vast. There are not many people on this planet that have a greater in-depth understanding of dog behavior - and a great way of communicating it in simple and understandable terms to someone who is less experienced!

Although Mogens' heart beats for your dog, first of all, he is also very conscientious about the fact of your dog having no chance of getting a meaningful life without proper input and control from you as its pack leader. Dogs are not "born leaders". They much prefer if someone else would provide some good leadership. But if nobody does, then the poor dog will be forced by its nature to try to take charge - or to get things changed, the best it can, with the means it has available from nature.

That's the root of at least 95% of all dog behavior problems that are not caused directly or indirectly by a medical trauma of some kind. But this is also good news - because it means that if you can identify what is going on here, then it is also in your power to change the situation, so the dog will change its undesirable behavior!

Please note that the solution never involves any kind of punishment or "correction". All you get out of trying that will be that the dog finds another way of conveying its protest and frustration, so you just move the problem into another area. A serious solution will not try to fight the symptoms - but will go to the cause of the problem.

When you might want to access Mogens Eliasen's knowledge and experience

If you are applying effective behavior modification training, you should see results in a matter of a week or two. Maybe not a complete solution - but at least some very noticeable results. If you don't, you are either not addressing the problem or you are not applying effective training methodology. Well, spare your sweat and blood and get some advice instead....

Maybe you are just confused? You hear one thing from one trainer, and the opposite from another? Very common.... Sad to say, but traditional dog training is not developed on a base that in founded on the dog's nature or its instincts. It is founded on a human desire for control. The bad news is that when you apply such techniques, you simply lose the little control you had...

Dogs are smarter than that. They are no robots you can program like a computer and then just "put to work" at the same tasks over and over again. It simply doesn't work that way. Dogs will only do what you want them to do if there is something of value in it for them. And that "value" must be in compliance with their instincts. Traditional obedience training is completely valueless for this, so if it hasn't helped you yet, it probably never will.

The only bad news in this is that the solution sometimes will call for quite a lot of work from your side. Work that sometimes can be tough because it might conflict with your habits. Habits are not always easy to change, but when you know why you should do it and how you can do it, you will manage...

So, what kinds of behavior problems are we talking about here? Some of the most common ones are:

  • incessant barking;
  • biting, nipping;
  • jumping up;
  • hyperactivity;
  • peeing/pooping indoors;
  • pulling on the leash;
  • ignoring "come";
  • chasing other animals or people;
  • digging holes;
  • destroying furniture.

The full list is long - there are many more. somewhere probably also some problems that are quite close to your problem.

Making an appointment with Mogens Eliasen

In order for Mogens to have a good starting point for giving you meaningful advice, he needs to know the details of your case. The procedure is this:

  1. You use the link below to place your order. When you fill in your payment information and the charge is accepted by your bank, you will be guided to a page where you fill in everything you possibly can to help Mogens Eliasen understand your situation. On that page, there is a guideline for what you should include - and you are welcome to include more than that if you think it could be relevant! The purpose is to make sure Mogens understands what is going on.

  2. We will then forward the information to Mogens for his review.

  3. You will then get a phone call from him directly at the number you provided, typically within the next day.

  4. You can expect the call to take between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the situation.

  5. We will always do a follow-up with you to make sure that everything went OK - and to know what kinds of results you obtained. (This is included in your first payment, so it does not get charged extra).

Maybe you want to know more about Mogens Eliasen, before you decide? No problem. Here is his own introduction to dealing with behavior problems.

What does it cost?

For submitting your description of the problem, having Mogens Eliasen review it carefully and possibly do some checks on it, getting a phone call and a consultation with him on the phone (up to 30 minutes if required), and getting a follow-up call from us is only US$