This site is an invitation to dog owners of all kinds to participate in a week-long Camp Course with their dogs. The Camp Course will focus on methods to improve the relationship between owner and dog. This is done by teaching the owner how to train the dog in a variety of practical exercises with focus on usefulness for the owner and relevance for the dog's natural instincts. The owner will learn to improve his/her training skills, and the dog will learn to use its nose, its brain, and its body in ways that make sense for itself and are practically useful for the owner. This will inevitably cause both the owner and the dog to more fully enjoy being together.

Camp Courses
for dogs with owners

Dear Dog Friend,

Hello - this is Mogens Eliasen with an invitation to you and your dog. If the two of you would like to have a great time together, read on! Would you like to experience they you of having your dog show you that there really is no better pack leader than you? Because you got a much deeper comprehension of what is important for your dog, so you truly deserve that love...

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What you get from participating in such a camp course?


A full week where nothing else is important, other than how you and your dog get along together. I want you to experience that deeply satisfying feeling of having a true connection with your domesticated wolf. I want you to sense with your entire body how wonderful it is to establish and enjoy an emotional bonding with someone else, who for sure is willing to bond unconditionally with you - provided only that you can communicate your desire! In Dog Language, of course - but I will teach you!

You know - your dog would love for you to understand it better - and it has so much to give you that you will be amazed when you uncover the potential. Dogs are meant for working in packs - and your dog just needs some proper guidance - and it will work its buns off when you tap into the energy of its natural instincts!

Obedience training is about restricting the dog's natural behaviors and make it conform to some human robotic standards that do not make much sense for the dog. I do not blame neither you nor your dog for being bored with that kind of training...

I prefer to show you how you can develop the dog's natural behaviors into something that is both fun and possibly useful - but most certainly meaningful for both the dog and you!

I want your dog to get the job it did not even dare to dream about - and I want you to enjoy being the respected and beloved boss...

Ready to go completely "to the dogs"?

Check the available dates
and see if you can make it!

Come along and have a great time!

Here is the chance for you to spend a full week together with your dog, with everything aimed at improving and solidifying the relationship you have with your pal.

No previous experience with dog training is required. We will build on what your dog has at the end of the leash... Mind you, you might return home a well-respected pack leader, dearly beloved and appreciated!

Both you and your dog will be busy with enjoyable activities that make sense.

You can bring the rest of the family too if you wish - there is a lot for them to see and do in the vast beautiful wilderness areas of BC's Interior!

What is this?

A Camp Course is an opportunity for you and your dog to spend a week together under my supervision. We will combine training with pleasure and practical purpose, focusing on improving your relationship and communication with your dog as the main objective.

For sure, you will also learn a lot about what you can do to improve your training methodology. During such a camp week, you "get it into your blood", and you will have a much stronger understanding of how you should train your dog.

Oh yeah, both you and your dog will learn some practical and useful skills too... maybe we will also find a few solutions to some of the problems you might have with your dog - or your dog with you... J

We will not train any standard disciplines, like competitive obedience or agility, but we will concentrate on useful exercises that make sense, both for you and your dog. These exercises include:

  • General Manners (effective control of the dog in common and relevant situations where you will need it)

  • Mental Stimulation (teaching you to teach your dog to solve problems that take brain work...)

  • Body Balance (safe forging of all kinds of obstacles, natural and improvised - no dangerous racing!)

  • Trick Training (just for the fun of it! Bring your own ideas along, so we can get you started on a systematic training plan!)

  • Tracking (following human foot prints in vegetated terrain - the most powerful nosework exercise you can teach your dog)

  • Small Area Search (teaching the dog to find articles that contain fresh human scent - your safety net for the day you lose your keys...)

  • Extensive Search ("hide and seek" for dogs and kids (including adult ones) - but really also the foundation of all serious Search & Rescue work. Normally most dogs' undisputed favorite!)

Who can participate?

In order for you to get value out of this kind of training, you must have an open mind and a dog you love. My training is not "main-stream" or "standard" in any other way than mine... I need you to have a desire for being in control of your dog - on the dog's terms of communication.

But, other than that, what kind of dog you bring along, and what kind of person you are, matters less, as long as both you and the dog are reasonably friendly....

Some courses are open for everybody, also new students with little or no experience as dog trainers. Other courses are exclusively for former students of mine. Please check the Course Overview for details on courses that are currently available.

Courses will only run with a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 8, per instructor. For courses in areas that call for my traveling by air, the minimum is 6.

You should be aware that the training will be based on your having watched the video "The Dog's Social Behavior" or in another way acquired a solid understanding of how the dog's social instincts work and are connected with its behavior and fundamental needs (for instance through personal training in the past with me or with Human Dog Leadership Inc. or K9joy - no other training counts, no matter where you got it or whom you got it from).

I further recommend that you are well prepared in terms of Dog Language. We will constantly refer to what you can read from the dog's body language, and how you should respond. Anders Hallgren's little book "The ABC's of Dog Language" is a great overview of what you should know - and it is a nice reference to bring along.

When is it?

The courses are planned ahead as we can arrange it. Please check the Course Overview for details.

If we get overwhelmed with sign-ups, we will arrange more courses. If you would like to attend a course, but there currently is no course available that fits your schedule, then let us know, and you will be notified of the next course so you can book yourself ahead of anyone else.

Where is it?

Most of the Camp Courses are in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada's Pacific Province - but they can be wherever else we can arrange it!

The specific locations will vary. Please check the Course Overview for details. If you would like to host a Camp Course somewhere close to you, then please contact us with your suggestion or inquiry. If you have a group of 6-8 people, a place where we can stay, not too far from some terrain where we can train, then we can do it! You may check out this page to get an idea of the practical and financial requirements.

Training will generally be around the campground/motel/resort, in the forest around or in the gorgeous Provincial Parks, preferably in shady forest terrain whenever possible. Crown land or State Forest is great to use. There is enough of it - we do not get disturbed by other people - it gives shade for the dogs. As long as it is not too dense or the terrain too steep and dangerous.

The entire family is welcome. While you train your dog, they might want to enjoy fishing, white water rafting, horseback riding, canoeing, sightseeing, sunbathing, wild life watching, hiking, etc. - whatever is available in the specific area. You really have to love your dog for not joining them...

You can check the locations for the planned courses here.

What does it cost?

The specific cost of a camp course depends on where it is held. My travel and accommodation costs are included in the price, so you get the lowest price when we can do the camps almost in "my backyard"....

The price you pay for the tuition depends on how many people and/or dogs you bring along for the training. You pay "one ticket" per nose, regardless the species of those noses. This means:

  • One person with one dog is two tickets.

  • One person in good shape with two dogs is three tickets.

  • One person in extremely good shape with three dogs is four tickets.

  • Two people with one dog in good shape is three tickets.

Friends and family members that do not take active part in the training as students (but possibly as assistant helpers, if they want to) participate free of charge.

I will not allow more than two people to train one dog. It is too confusing and exhausting for the dog. So, if you are a family of two adults and three mature kids, then you have to pick the two that will train. They can then pass on the teachings to the others later but not during the course, not even during "off time"! It would be too much for the dog. All five of you are welcome to watch, though - and the three that do not train are most welcome to assist and help with the training when we need that.

Please take into account that most people get fairly exhausted during the week - from training just one dog... So, bringing more than three dogs along is a no-no, even if you only want to train two or three of them. Unless you also bring a friend that can take care of the dogs when you are too tired.

The current ticket prices vary, depending on the location of the course (and my travel costs), but they are in the range $250-400 per ticket. This means that, for you and one dog plus as many family members as you want to have join, the total tuition will be in the range of US$500-800. You need to add your accommodation costs to this - but you are not obliged to stay at any of the recommended/suggested locations. If you can make private arrangements, you are welcome. Most camp courses are arranged at locations where accommodation is available at reasonable prices - in fact, there is no point in staying at luxury hotels when we are going to be out working with the dog all day anyway! Unless, of course, you bring family that will enjoy the facilities. But that is up to you; the accommodation possibilities we suggest are not mandatory for you to use.

The price for people who have trained with me in the past is a little less per ticket - the discount reflecting our expectations of my previous students remembering at least some of what they have learned... J

Check the ticket prices for the planned courses here - and remember that you need to pay opne ticket as your sign-up deposit.

More information:

For conditions for participating, including fees and payment terms, please check

Conditions and Terms.

For guidelines to help you prepare the trip, please check

General Rules and Tips.

If you want to get a feel for what to expect, you should first of all check out

Introduction of the Training.

You can also take a look at

Pictures from previous camps.

To reserve your spot, you need to pay your deposit. You can

pay with any credit card or check
through PayPal or MerchantPartners

or pay with Visa, American Express, or MasterCard over the phone (call 1-250-428-4210 - note that there is a $10 handling fee for manually expediting phone orders).

Whether or not a course will run depends on the number of deposits we receive, not the number of inquiries... And there is no mercy in regards to the maximum of 8 students per trainer, if you sign up too late - you simply get your money back!

It really doesn't matter what kind of dog you have. All dogs are welcome, as long as they bring a responsible owner! Whatever training you have done (or not done) in the past doesn't matter much either, except if you did the training with me. We will simply build on whatever foundation you have. The small class size allows me to work with every single student on an individual basis. So, you show me where you are at - and we take it from there!

I look forward to working with you - and to seeing your dog enjoy both you and itself.

Check the dates and locations
and see if you can make it!

The sign-up process is a little tricky. It is a test we use to check if you are indeed more intelligent than your dog... J

Kidding! But, if you can make the dates and arrange the travel, then please read carefully what is written about the sign-up procedure below. We do it this way because we do not want to run camps with too few students (it does not give the participants the value they deserve - and it does not cover our costs), and we have also learned by bitter experience that we cannot rely on people's "sign-up" unless they put money behind their commitment... Further, we don't want to cancel courses just the day before - that is simply not fair to the other people who signed up. So, we have to find a balance where all these concerns can be accommodated. The procedure we have in place does that, and has worked for years, so, if your interest is serious, please take the time to understand it.

I look forward to seeing you at the course!


Mogens Eliasen

P.S. If you like the idea of this kind of training but have trouble committing yourself for a full week, you should check out K9joy's Introduction Courses "Bonding with Your Dog". Those courses are scheduled for an evening plus a full day and then, a couple of weeks later, another full day plus an evening. On such a 2.5-day course, we cannot achieve the same as on a full-week camp course, but we can give you a good start to build on...

Signing up for a Camp Course:

To sign up for a Camp Course, you will need to pay one ticket up front as a your deposit and registration. You can call this "paying for yourself", applying for a spot in the course.

The other ticket (or tickets) must be paid immediately upon request after the indicated deadline, as shown in the table below. You can call this "paying for your dog". You simply pay once again, following the exact same procedure, thus confirming your participation. (Please use the upper link for your first payment and the lower link for the following payment(s) so we don't think we got another registration instead of a confirmation....)

If you bring another dog or another person that also will participate actively in the training of your dog, you make another confirmation payment for each additional individual, human or canine.

The deadline will be the latest day we decide on the course's fate. If too few people are signed up at that date, the course will get cancelled, and those who made a deposit will get they money back immediately. In the moment we get enough people to make it worth the while running the course, you will be notified, so you can prepare the travel and make your confirmation payment(s). So, if you miss that crucial date, you could very well become the reason for the camp course being cancelled!

Remember: each payment counts as one ticket - one for you, one for your dog. First ticket is your deposit/reservation. You do not need to pay the balance/confirmation (second ticket) until we confirm that the course will run. We will do this as soon as we possibly can, and no later than the day after the deadline.

Again, just to avoid confusion: You need to pay once (your deposit/reservation - the ticket for yourself) in order to be considered a participant on a first-come-first-serve basis. The time of this payment is what counts for our decision about who can participate and who not. You do not need to make the second payment (your confirmation - the ticket for your dog) until we confirm to you by e-mail that the course will run - but when we do that, you must pay instantly, otherwise you will lose your reservation. You are welcome to pay your confirmation sooner though - but you do not have to. So, at the time of us requesting it, you must pay the balance no later than the time we give (typically within a couple of days), otherwise you will forfeit your right to participate, and you will not get any refund....

If we cancel a course, you will, of course, get all your money back, no matter how much you paid.

We know this whole procedure might sound harsh and tough - but it really is nothing but a matter of fairness. Fairness to you, to other people signing up, and to us. We cannot plan and run a camp course without some very steep up-front expenses, so without a serious commitment from the people signing up, we simply cannot do it. Plus, we all need to be able to plan our time...

Besides, if you buy tickets to a concert or a game, you do not get a refund if you do not show up.... And the event does not get repeated for you. For a camp course, we are only asking half the price up front as your commitment...

We will take the sign-up link down as soon as we either filled up or cancelled the course. If the link is still available after the deadline, we might still have room for you - you will be notified immediately when you pay.

For details about the terms and conditions for participating, including our full money-back guarantee, please check out

Conditions and terms

By signing up, you certify that you have read and understood these conditions and that you agree with the terms!

Your payment is fully refundable if and only if you sign up after the course is filled or K9joy cancels the course for reasons not related to you.

To book your spot, please select from the following options, choosing your dates and indicating if you have trained with me before or not:


First-time student

Previous student

Click on a date below to see the schedule for the camp.

Click on the location to learn more about the area, including accommodation options and maps showing you how to get there.

Clicking on a ticket payment in the table below will lead you to an order confirmation page. Your payment information will never be seen by a human, other than yourself.

Visa, MC, AMEX are accepted worldwide. US checks also.

Alternative payment through direct bank transfer also avalable.

June 17-23, 2007

Creston, BC
(travel directions: 10 km N of Idaho border)

Details on the motels in town TBA
Scotties RV Centre

Make deposit/reservation:

(new student)
Deadline: May 27, 2007

Make deposit/reservation:

(previous student)
Deadline: May 27, 2007

Confirm participation:

(new student)

Confirm participation:

(previous student)

We are planning one, possibly two courses in Denmark, in the beginning and at the end of August, 2007. The location will be around Ringe, Fyn.

Dates will be confirmed soon and posted here as soon as they are confirmed. The language spoken during these courses will be Danish, but English and/or German translation will be offered as needed at the last one.

Please remember that each payment represents one ticket. You need a ticket for each active participant in the course, counting both dogs and people, but not family that does not take active part in the training, other than on an as-requested basis. For your deposit and registration, one ticket will do. However, you need to pay the full price no later than the announced date for latest confirmation, if you want to bring your dog along too.

Since other participants will plan their time and travel based on your commitment, please don't delay submitting your confirmation... If your payment is late, the course might be cancelled! The sooner you confirm, the greater the chance will be that the course will run and the sooner we can confirm that it will run. With you participating....

If you have any questions in regards to this, please contact us!.

Did you make your reservation?

Good! See you there!



Can't make it on those dates?
Or at those locations?
Or looking for something different?

We plan our courses and seminars on the basis of the input we get from people who want to attend them or arrange them - so please let us know what you are looking for! We will be happy to take a look at your ideas and suggestions, and if we can make them happen, we will do it - and we will notify you.

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I will publish all news about new training activities in The Peeing Post, and you will also be able to get a lot of practical down-to-earth advice about all kinds of "dog issues" from that newsletter.

I don't trade e-mail addresses, so you will not get a junk-filled mailbox because of your subscription. Guaranteed. You can also cancel anytime you had enough.

Is your dog getting free lunches?

Most people work for their food. So did the cave man. And the so does the wolf.

In the natural world for any carnivore, there is no such thing as a "free meal". All meals cost a lot of work to get.

All carnivores are mentally programmed to desire that work. If they weren't, they would never go hunting!

That mental programming is not "eliminated" by your feeding. Right to the contrary: the energy generated from this desire is only dammed up! This means that, for every free meal the dog does not have to work for (other than some easy begging) will contribute to a mental frustration that will show, sooner or later, in the form of unwanted behavior...

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