Pictures from previous camps:


Parking exercise

Yes, they are all there - waiting for the owners to finish coffee in Wells Gray Park. You can probably see from the picture where the handlers are…

Body Balance

Obstacle courses are easy to build - and not always easy to walk on… Please note how the handler encourages the dog with a treat in front of the nose.

Basset Jump!

Yep, Basset Hounds are great jumpers - they love it, although they don't jump very high. But who cares? It is fun to learn to sometimes jump over that thing and sometimes creep under it. Teaching that, however, is quite a challenge!

Famous loop

We start at the ground. Later, we can increase the height. We can also let that tire roll on the ground so the dog has to first catch up with it and then carefully judge both speed, distance, and direction before the jump. It is never hard to make it difficult…


Speaking Dog Language is not impossible for a human. Once you learn the fine nuances, it is amazing how well the dog picks up on it and forgives you for your "funny accent"…


Searching for lost articles is very much a matter of communication between human and dog. Admitted, it does take a lot of work to teach a dog to do a systematic search for a penny, as here on this picture, but we found it…


A couple of hours ago, another student went this way. Probably. Sure, you cannot see it - but if you can read your dog, you will know that we are right in the footprints…

The end…

Well, this is what always happens: the poor little dog is pooped out at the end of the course - all energy burnt up on fun work!

For many, this is a wishful dream
- for camp students, it is reality!

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