Conditions and terms

Camp Courses will only run if there is a minimum of 5 students, maximum 8, per instructor. All students bring their own dogs for training. A student with his/her dog counts as two participants. Two people training one dog is three participants. One person training two dogs is also three participants.

There is no charge for additional members of the family, kids and dogs included, as long as they do not participate actively in the training, other than as observers or helpers (which they are very welcome to do...)

The fee for one participant (ticket price for the handler) must be paid as a deposit. The balance of the tuition fee (ticket price for the dog) must be paid when we can confirm that the Camp Course will run, and no later than one week prior to the start. The deposit in non-refundable, except in cases of events that make the Camp Course not run.

The tuition fee covers all the training, as indicated with bolded text in the schedules, including the handout materials (training manual) and access to Mogens Eliasen's support in all matters relating to your dog.

Other activities described in the schedules (everything related to accommodation, transportation, and food) must be covered by the participants on an individual basis.

Please check details of the schedules for the individual camps.

Participation in any of the Camp Courses will be on a first-come first-serve basis, based on received payment of the deposit, which must be paid no less than 2 weeks before the first camp day. Payment can be made online through PayPal or MerchantPartners, or with credit card by phone. Alternatively by money order or bank draft.

In case a Camp Course does not acquire a sufficient number of students to run, all paid students will be given an immediate full refund or an offer to participate at another time at a 10% discount. For credit card payments or payments through PayPal, a direct return credit will be issued. For other types of payment, a check will be sent.

If a Camp Course has to be cancelled because of an unforeseeable accident or uncontrollable event during its scheduled run, all students will be given a proportionate refund of the full price or an alternative camp week at no charge.

In case a paid student cannot participate as planned and a minimum of one week's notice is given, all funds in excess of the deposit will be refunded. After this date, no refunds will be given due to circumstances that relate exclusively to the student.

The Camp Course, however, is subject to our full money-back guarantee: If you participate in all lessons of the course and do the required work, and you do not find enough value in this to warrant your payment and your time, we will refund the entire fee, including the deposit! Your request for a refund must be given in writing at the last day of the course.

Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

By signing up (paying your deposit), you warrant that you accept the following terms for your participation:

  1. You will, at all times, be fully responsible for yourself, your dog, your family (if you bring any), and your belongings, and you waive all possible claims of liability towards K9joy or Mogens Eliasen or any parties related to them, for any training results or lack of same, any accidents you, your dog, or members of your family might incur or get involved in, or any loss of whatever nature you might experience in connection with the Camp Course. You will sign a more detailed legal waiver to this effect upon your arrival, and you will not be allowed to participate in any of the practical training during the course, unless you do so....
  2. You will respect other people's rights to enjoy themselves, and you will observe a non-violent code of taking diligent care of your dog at all times. You acknowledge that if you, at any time during the Camp Course, during lessons or otherwise, are witnessed to have committed any of the following offenses, you will be immediately dismissed from the course with no right to any refund:
    • If you bring a dog along that is dangerous for other people or other dogs in the course. "Dangerous" means that the dog will bite or start a fight for any other reasons than self-defense or protection of you and your belongings, and even then, only after effective warning (use of legitimate and obvious threat signals first, such as heavy barking or growling). Exempt from this are accidents where the dog is surprised in a situation it will find threatening, with no possible flight. Mogens Eliasen's judgement of this is final.
    • If you use any pain causing training device on any dog of yours, whether in training or not. "Pain causing devices" include choke chains, "training collars" (with spikes), "halties", and electrical devices of any kind.
    • If you hit or kick a dog or in any other way inflict or attempt to inflict pain on it.
    • If you leave your dog unsupervised anywhere, except in your vehicle or in a crate in your room/cabin/tent and only when it is parked in such a way that the temperature inside cannot exceed the dog's body temperature. When a lesson calls for you to leave your dog temporarily, you must ensure that you have another person's commitment to look after your dog while you are gone.
    • If you repeatedly violate other people's rights to enjoy what they have a right to enjoy or in other ways behave in an irresponsible way that could put yourself or someone else in unnecessary danger. This particularly includes the situation of your letting your dog take off, relinquishing itself from your control.

  3. You acknowledge that your training results will be dependent on your willingness and ability to follow the instructions you are being given. If you refuse to follow advice and your refusal is not related to your own protection or any topics in paragraph 2 above, your trainer can discontinue your participation in the training program. If this happens, you forfeit your right to the money-back guarantee. Examples of such situations include, without limitation:
    • If you refuse to reward your dog with treats and/or play as instructed.
    • If you did not bring water along for your dog or in other ways neglect its fundamental needs...
    • If you refuse to assist other students as requested by your instructor, provided such request is within what you are capable of doing without putting yourself or anybody else at risk.

  4. Prior to the course, you must have familiarized yourself with the concepts of the dog's social instincts and the behaviors associated with them, as taught by Mogens Eliasen. You will acquire this knowledge either though previous training with Mogens Eliasen or by watching the video "The Dog's Social Behavior". The training in the Camp Course will be based on your solid understanding of the principles and concepts discussed in that video.

Please notice that we cannot tell you whether or not a planned course will run, unless we have it filled up - and then there will be no room for you! If you hesitate to pay your deposit because you are unsure whether or not the course will run, it will very likely run without you participating...

Once we receive your deposit, we will do everything we can to keep you updated on the status, so you can plan your time. In case we have to cancel, we will do so a week before the course is scheduled to run, so you can get your money back immediately and spend it on something else for that week.


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