General rules and tips:

A. What you should bring along at all times:

  • A water canteen and a bowl for the dog to drink from.
  • Treats for the dog, preferably dried meat, not any kind of bakery (biscuits or similar).
  • The dog's favorite toys.
  • Your leash (no metal chain, please!)
  • Your compass (we will have some extras, so you can purchase one from us).
  • Clothing for hiking (we will not always stay close to the vehicles).
  • Your map (to be handed out).
  • A bear bell attached to your belt or boots or anything else that makes noise when you move (we will provide some for you).


B. What your dog should carry all the time:

  • Solid buckle collar, tight enough to be impossible to pull over the dog's head.
  • An ID tag attached to the collar. You are welcome to use our toll-free phone number as reference during the course (1-888-881-4434).
  • Something else that will make noise when the dog moves. A bear bell is fine, but if you have a metal tag, then another metal tag added also will normally do it, if the two tags are not attached directly on the same ring, but left free to move against each other (like a wind chime).


C. What you should bring along to the camp:

  • Yourself, your dog, (your family)
  • Food for all of you - alternatively money to buy some supplements (do not rely on your family's fishing luck!)
  • All your supplies for surviving on the campground or in the motel.
  • Your copy of Anders Hallgren's Book "The ABC's of Dog Language". If you do not have a copy of this excellent and easy-to-read reference book, you should get one (click on it to order online).


D. Other things to know before you pack...

On the camp, dogs must be kept on leash when not specifically working off-leash in lessons. Please bring a leash that is comfortable for yourself to hold on to, at any point of its length (chains will slide or cut your hands!). A 10 m (30 feet) long trailing leash will be advantageous for some training sessions (simple thick rope will do - climbing rope is fine - ordinary cloth line will cut your hands).

For all training, you will need an old-fashioned, simple buckle collar that is comfortable and safe for the dog to wear. Any kind of "training devices" that cause the dog pain or discomfort are prohibited at all times and will result in immediate dismissal from the course - with no refund. This particularly includes all collars that are made of metal chain (even if only partially), "halties" (restrictive body harnesses or head gear meant for stopping the dog from pulling on the leash), and all kinds of electrical or "automatic" devices. Also, please don't expect to any non-restrictive body harnesses either, since they make the training extremely difficult for the owner.

For your own sake, please be aware that collars with a plastic quick-snap are not very safe. Those plastic snaps break by the sound of the wind - and suddenly your dog is gone in the wilderness.... Metal buckles, please! (We will bring a collection of such collars - there might be one you want to buy)

All meals are on your own. For all camps, there are shopping possibilities close by, and there is scheduled time for shopping mid-week. But you should bring along what you need for survival for the first half week. We will generally have food storage facilities available (freezer, fridge), but not in great abundance. We do not want to restrict what you want to eat or drink, but we do not accept any abuse of drugs or alcohol that can interfere with the other students' enjoyment of the camp course.

Accommodation is on your own. For each camp course, there are some suggested links to resorts, motels, or camp grounds we recommend, but you are not limited to those. If you need help with the accommodation, please call us.

There are lots of great fishing opportunities around in almost all of BC, many lakes for your canoe or boat. River rafting, fly-fishing, helicopter sightseeing, horseback riding is available in many places. We generally arrange camp courses in the wilderness - or close to it. We do not care for having big cities close, so please don't plan on doing any sophisticated shopping for more than your daily needs or on enjoying some high-cultural entertainment.

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