"Dog Food, Disease, Genetics,
Misinformation, and Profits..."

Exposing the Commercial Treason
against Canis Lupus Familiaris
(= our domesticated dogs)

How it is possible to misinform people
so they will make the opposite decisions
of what serves their own best interest - fully legally...

The second K9joy "Food Seminar" is a must for everyone who is interested in making informed decisions and in understanding how and why the general public is being filled with misinformation that is outright fraudulent, as it aims at conning people into making some decisions which are to their own detriment, by being devastating for their dogs' health.... But it is profitable!

And yes, we will also answer the question, "How do we deal with this?"...

Most people take for granted that when the government has all its regulations in force to protect our food (there are very tough rules for what you can and cannot sell as human food...), then it is easy to think that this is also the case for dog food. Big mistake! There are no laws that prohibit a pet food manufacturer from adding carcinogen preservation chemicals to dog food, even though those chemicals are outright illegal to put in human food!

This seminar will give you a lot of facts about what smart manufacturers can get away with, legally - leaving you, the consumer, completely in the dark, deliberately betraying you by telling only such fractions of the truth that you inevitably are led to outright wrong conclusions, unless you are extremely careful about also considering which information you did not get yet....

The really bad news is that your veterinarian most likely is part of the plot. Not necessarily by choice, but forced to it by his/her association, which truly controls what their members can and cannot do in terms of speaking freely, if their opinion differs from what the association considers makes money for their collegues! (Yes, we know of numerous examples where vets have had their license to practise revoked by their association - or have been forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines to said association, for no other "crime" than supporting a natural feeding regime and the people who promote it....)

"What about the press? Our free press?" you might ask.

Sorry to disillusion you again, but there is no such thing as "free press" in our modern society. The papers and magazines with the big issues are all paid for by the advertisers! And no sane editor will allow an article to be published, if it seriously hurts the business of his financial supporters. At least, he will maximum get to publish one issue before he can apply for another job in a different industry...

K9joy is fortunately in a different situation. We are not financially connected to any business, any industry, organization, government agency, trade union, or any other group or individual that has a financial stake in dog food! We believe in our rights to free speech - and we want to exercise that right to its fullest, no matter how many financial toes we might step on in bringing you the truth...

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This is what you will get from this K9joy seminar:

  • How and when we can rely on the dog's appetite for food being an indicator of what it needs...

  • How genetic change can and will happen in dependency of the food being appropriate or not...

  • Why we are heading towards extinction of Canis Lupus Familiaris, if we don't stop the madness of feeding artificial, synthetic foods to our dogs!

  • Why you have no protection whatsoever from the law, from any government agencies, not even from the veterinarian associations!

  • What you can read from labels - and what they don't tell you...

  • What a pet food manufacturer can get away with, legally, that would be a crime if done to human food...

  • What you need to know about the food you feed your dog, and how you can ensure that it is healthy to eat for your dog.

  • The basic chemistry you need to know in order to understand why you do not need to succumb to the scaremongers from those professionals that want you to not feed a natural diet...

  • How you recognize the misinformation, even from scientists (who are emplyed by the financial stakeholder and thus do not speak freely, if they want to keep their jobs...)

  • How you can deal with ignorance from other people - even hostility - and remain sane.

  • How you can be critical to your vet's judgments, when food is involved in the diagnosis or in the cure of your dog's ailments....

  • How you you manage dealing with a non-cooperative vet...

  • What information you should give to your vet, in order to allow him/her to arrive at a well-founded diagnosis and the optimal treatment possibilities for your dog.

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