How to Impact
the Dog's Social Behavior

- becoming a great Pack Leader which
the dog will respect, admire, adore, and love

This full-day "Pack Leader Seminar" from K9joy will open a door to a completely new dog world for you - a world of wonder and understanding you did not know existed! You will get powerful insight in all the questions "why does my dog do....", regardless the blanks! You get to understand the fundamental mechanisms that control your dog's behavior - and how you can "control the control" by applying the knowledge you get in this seminar.

You will get to understand how the dog's instincts control its behavior - and how you can control the parameters that control the instincts!

Once you comprehend the way the instincts function, you can use this knowledge to impact the dog's behavior, not by restricting or punishing it for doing wrong, but by stimulating it to do the right things at the right times. This will not only give you some powerful tools to modify your dog's behavior in the directions you desire, it will also greatly enhance the bonding between you and your dog and make your happy and content.

Particular emphasis will be given to the social instincts that control how the dog interacts with you. These instinct determine how your relationship with your dog will be - and if you use them right, you can become a dearly beloved pack leader in a matter of hours! If you don't understand this stuff, your dog will most likely just continue to look for a qualified pack leader to show up - as a 2-year old will wait for Santa Claus...

That pack leader should be you - this seminar will give you the practical knowledge you need to make sure it happens! In this seminar, you will get a chance to also discuss how you can implement this powerful knowledge in your relationship with your own dog!

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This is what you will get from this K9joy seminar:

  • The fundamental "recipe" of all instincts - how behavior is linked to events in the environment and to internal body conditions.

  • What a key stimulus is and how you can impact the dog's behavior through application of key stimuli.

  • Why the dog's behavior is a function of time - and how you can predict it and take advantage of it.

  • How you avoid frustration and keep your dog mentally balanced.

  • Why understanding the dog's instinct is paramount to obtaining any results in training.

  • How instincts work together in a complex pattern that can easily be broken apart and made simple!

  • How you can use your understanding of the dog's instinct to predict not only whether or not a behavior will take place, but also how intensive it will be!

  • How you become a key stimulus yourself for the social instincts whether you want it or not...

  • How you can use your own behavior to trigger certain desirable behaviors from the dog's side - and how your ignorance to this is doomed to cause problems for both your and your dog...

  • What Imprinting is and why it is crucial for your dog's ability to interact with you.

  • How you test Imprinting and what you do if it is less than optimal - which is the case for at least 95% of all dogs in North America, because very few breeder know what it is....

  • How you build a meaningful relationship with your dog despite a mediocre Imprinting.

  • What you are supposed to do in order to become a member of your dog's pack.

  • What Socialization is when it is not "socializing"....

  • Why it is crucial for your dog that it went thorough adequate Socialization when it was 8-12 weeks old....

  • How you can make sure that your dog will see you as a Superior Pack Member of higher rank than itself.

  • How you improve your rank position in the dog pack - and what the consequences are if you don't....

  • How you make rules and how you get the dog to respect those rules - without instilling fear....

  • How you determine which rules are good and which ones you should let go of...

  • How you "write your application" for the Pack Leader position in Dog Language....

  • What the dog is looking for in order to elect its Pack Leader, and how you can make sure that you are the only qualified candidate for that office, seen with the dog's eyes...

  • The 8 main characteristics of a good Pack Leader - and how they compare to human leadership skills...

  • How you can use your Pack Leader position to create a stable and acceptable hierarchy in your family.

  • Why it won't help you at all to have someone else train your dog...

  • How you apply this powerful knowledge to your own situation.

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For clubs and other groups, we can put a program together that exactly fits your needs, including practical workshops that also involve demonstrations with dogs. It does not have to fit the standards... Please check the Special Assignments page, so we can discuss what can work for you!

Parts of this seminar are available on Mogens Eliasen's video "The Dog's Social Behavior", which you can order on-line if you want to prepare yourself for getting the most out of this seminar/workshop.

This seminar is available also in a shorter version (evening seminar) as "The Dog's Social instincts" and in an extended version with 2 half-day workshops added (full weekend course) as "Building a Rewarding Relationship with Your Dog.

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