Risk Management,
Vaccines, and
Preventive Medication
for Dogs

- how to avoid certain health damage
in an uninformed attempt to avoid risk

The whole topic of risk management is generally not known by very many people. Unfortunately, veterinarians do not learn much, if anything, about it in vet school... It is, nevertheless, completely crucial that YOU understand it - because none of those so-called "safe" procedures, like vaccination, flea mediacation, heartworm guard, etc. are safe at all! There are serious and well-documented risks associated with them and you need to understand not only those risks, but also the possible benefits you can achieve by applying those procedures to your dog.

The K9joy "Risk Management Seminar" gives you the knowledge and the specific tools you need to assess those risks, also in cases where you cannot access any public information about them! Without this background information, you simply cannot have any meaningful discussion with your vet about vaccinating or using preventive medications of other kinds. And the really bad news is this: your vet will often have a serious financial incentive for selling such medicine to you, whether or not it will benefit your dog! Veterinarians that reach certain quotas in regard to the number of sales they can make of vaccine, for instance, will be receive substantial bonus payments from the manufacturer!

This seminar will help you understand what risk is and how it can be measured. It will also correlate different kinds of risk with something we all live with on a daily basis. And it will give you a tangible way of assessing new risks, comparing them what your particular standards for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

One very important thing to understand when we are talking "risk" is that life is risky. There is no such thing as eliminating all risk! What you do when you try to avoid one risk is nothing more than replacing it with another risk. If the new risk is more acceptable to you, then this makes sense. But you need to know both the risk you want to avoid and the risk you acquire instead, in order to judge if this swap is a smart move or not....

If you have no way of assessing those two risks, you will become an easy prey for scaremonger, and you will most likely, out of a good heart and love for your dog, fill its body with poisonous chemicals, believing that this is "the best you can do for it"....

Sure, with lacking knowledge, this might be true. But with some more information and tools available, you will discover that this kind of blind faith in prefessionals is outright dangerous for your dog... and expensive for you!

Whether or not you might like it, you have to face the fact that your veterinarian makes much more money on dogs that are not healthy than on dog that are is super health... Most veterinarians have a family to feed, just as you - and they make a living out of providing health care services to sick dogs. There is nothing wrong in offering a professionalo service like this. But the error is completely on your side, if you ignore the financial motive this creates for your vet doing business with you.... On top of that, you must also acknowledge that your vet might not know any better! There does not have to be any evil motive behind; your vet is literally bombarded with all kinds of misinformation from all kinds of sources who have a financial interest in impacting his/her opinion - and there there is little, if any, information easily available for him/her to bring things into balance, because nobody, other than dog owners like yourself, has any financial interest in that.

The seminar will also cover many aspects of how you get the most out of your veterinarian by asking the right questions and making sure that you get quantitative answers you can use. Sometimes, the best answers are to be obtained through his staff....

Finally, you need to know what exactly to ask when you approach your veterinarian for a consultation about using or not using preventative medication. Being well prepared means saving money and avoiding emotional discussions with your vet - but certainly also means improving your dog's chances for living a long healthy life...

And remember: you get the best results for your dog working with your vet - not by seeking confrontation. But, for this, you have to know enough about the fundamental issues, so you can ask the right questions and evaluate the answers you get.

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This is what you will get from this K9joy seminar:

  • What risk is - how you define it and how you measure it.

  • How you identify real dangers to your dog's health.

  • How you find out what risks are associated with medication, including vaccines.

  • How you can conduct your own risk asssessment study by use of a phonebook and a phone...

  • How you can reduce health risks by keeping your dog's immune system strong.

  • Which factors to watch for that will make your dog's immune system weaker....

  • What diseases you need to watch out for - and which ones you can safely ignore....

  • Vaccinations - how and why they work and sometimes don't work...

  • Why you would vaccinate - and why you shouldn't. And why your veterinarian's advice is not necessarily in your dog's best interest...

  • The side effects of vaccines that no veterinarian wants you to know about....

  • Which diseases you should vaccinate against - and how you go about it...

  • Why you should never vaccinate a puppy that is less than 12 weeks old...

  • Why you would never want your vet to use a combined vaccine on your dog, particularly not any of the standard "multi-shots".

  • What your alternatives are to vaccination...

  • How you deal with external parasites - if your dog gets them.

  • How you check for internal parasites - and what you do about them.

  • Checking that you do indeed have a problem, instead of assuming that you do...

  • How you deal with law-makers that want to restict your personal freedom of choice for your dog's health.

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July 07, 2005
7:00PM - 10:30PM

Creston, BC
(travel directions: 10 km N of Idaho border)

Scotties RV Centre

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June 26, 2005

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