Seminars for dog lovers

K9joy Seminars/Workshops are for YOU to learn more about your dog - in a concentrated, yet fun way that makes sense and allows you to improve your relationship with your dog immediately.

We want all dogs to have a pack leader who understands their nature and their needs. We want them to enjoy themselves as the carnivore, social creatures they truly are. We know this is possible - even in our modern human society. We can teach you how!

K9joy's seminars are open for everybody who wants to know more about the dogs nature. They are based on a time frame of about 3 hours, some of them (especially those with workshops) are "double" or "quadruple", running over a full day ("double"), or a full weekend or four evenings ("quadruple"). On a regular basis, we offer seminars on the topics below - which you can click on to see a detailed description: