Seminars for dog lovers

K9joy® Seminars/Workshops are for YOU to learn more about your dog - in a concentrated, yet fun way that makes sense and allows you to improve your relationship with your dog immediately.

We want all dogs to have a pack leader who understands their nature and their needs. We want them to enjoy themselves as the carnivore, social creatures they truly are. We know this is possible - even in our modern human society. We can teach you how!

K9joy®'s seminars are open for everybody who wants to know more about the dog’s nature. (Please see warning below for vets, though...) They are based on a time frame of about 3 hours, some of them (especially those with workshops) are "double" or "quadruple", running over a full day ("double"), or a full weekend or four evenings ("quadruple").

On a regular basis, we offer seminars on the topics below - which you can click on to see a detailed description:

Improving your relationship with your dog:

Feeding your dog a natural, healthy diet - how and why:
"The Dog’s Social Instincts"
- and how you can use them to build a rewarding relationship with your dog

(evening seminar or half-day seminar)
This seminar is called "The Driver's License to Dog Ownership" by our students. And it truly is the foundation of all our practical dog training.

"How to Impact the Dog's Social Behavior"
- and make sure that you are the obvious candidate for the pack leadership

(full-day seminar, simply an expanded version of the one above, so that there is room for more detail and interaction with the audience)

"Building a Rewarding Relationship with Your Dog"
- becoming a great Pack Leader

("quadruple" - 2-day workshop for 10-20 people with their dogs)

These three seminars represent different expansions on the same basic topic; the second thus contains all information given in the first, and the third includes all information given in the second. The practical work with dogs in the second and the third will be organized in groups of 6-10 dogs, but can also be arranged as a demo of the theories, so a bigger audience can participate.

The Basics of Dog Language
- effective communication with Your Dog

(full-day seminar/workshop with dogs)
Focus on your using Dog Language to communicate!
"Natural Food & Nutrition for Dogs"
- what all dog owners need to know about food and feeding

(evening seminar or half-day seminar)
A logic and natural approach to feeding our domesticated wolves what Nature intended for them, based on our biologic knowledge and 15,000 years of experience (not counting Nature's 15 million years...) This seminar is a down-to-earth and strict use of the scientific information and experience we do have - and it acknowledgesg and takes into account what we still do not know.

"Facts about dog food, disease, genetics, misinformation, and profits..."
- exposing the commercial treason against Canis Lupus Familiaris

(evening seminar or half-day seminar)
You will be shocked to know how much fraud and deceit is possible within the frames of the law... And you will be even more shocked when you realize how helplessly your vet is caught in this!

These two seminars do not overlap with each other and can very well be given over one full day. They are aimed at dog owners with no specific educational background, other than the ability to think and to do intelligent shopping.

K9joy® and its instructors are in no way financially connected to any food manufacturing business, government agency, veterinary organizations, or any other organization or individual with a financial interest in dog food. What we teach is under liability of the law, and not subjcet to any commercial interests, other than the fees we charge for our work providing this information to the general public.

Behavior and training related issues:

Health care and responsible health management:
"Mental Activation for Smart Dogs
- facilitated by smart owners"

("double", "triple", or "quadruple" - seminar with one or more workshops)

This workshop is the shortest and most effective way for you to learn to train your dog, so that both you and the dog have fun! The techniques you learn here will enable you to deal effectively with at least 90% of all common behavioral problems - and it will, with 100% guarantee, give you a more balanced and happy dog!

The initial 3-hour seminar (without dogs) can arranged separately. The practical training follows in groups of 6-12 dogs, and can be divided in accorcdance with dog owner experience. It can also be arranged as a demo of the theories, so a bigger audience can participate.

"How to Choose a Puppy
- and ensure you can raise it well"

(evening seminar or half-day seminar)
A non-conventional, but effective, approach to getting the right puppy you can raise well. This seminar gives you what is really important for you and your family, and it is not what most people think, including vets....

"Kids Going to the Dogs"
- a practical guide for kids to have fun with dogs, in a responsible way

(2*45 minutes seminar plus two 2-hour workshops over two evenings, preferably with a week between. All kids must bring a dog and a parent.)
This workshop does not promote leaving it to kids to take care of a dog, but it teaches the kids how to deal safely with dogs - and still have fun.
"Responsible Health Care for Dogs"
- keeping your dog in great shape and your vet bills low

(evening seminar or half-day seminar)
All the small, daily things that matter for keeping your vet bills low, and your dog in good shape: fleas, worms, ticks, shaving, lifting, washing, nail-clipping, first-aid, etc. plus what you need to know in order to support your vet diagnosing your dog correctly, should it get sick.

"Vaccines - how they work, when they work - and what we know and do not know about them"
(evening seminar or half-day seminar)
To be blunt: what your vet tells you about vaccines is most likely a big lie! Vaccines are not 100% safe, they are not 100% reliable, and they are absolutely not always your best choice. This is not only a matter of your dog's health, though - it is also a serious matter of your civil rights to make your own informed choices in matters that are of no legitimate concern to other people, but nonetheless subject to serious power abuse.

"Risk Management and preventive medication for Dogs"
- how to find out if you should vaccinate or not - and if you should use medication or not.

(evening seminar or half-day seminar)
This stuff really should be taught in vet and medical schools, but it is not. It is extremely powerful knowledge that you must have in order to assess risks. Both the risks of giving medication/vaccines and the risks of not doing it! The data you neeed can be gathered by anyone, once you understand what is required.

At the K9joy® seminars, you don’t bring your dog, except for the workshops (if there are workshops associated with the seminar). You will receive comprehensive note materials, and we always keep the topics down-to-earth in an entertaining and interactive way.

Some of the K9joy® seminars/workshops are arranged by other organizations (who determine what fees are to be charged for participating) and some of them are open for the public - you can find information about the locations and times under the individual seminars.

For clubs and other groups, we can put a program together that exactly fits your needs, including practical workshops that also involve demonstrations with dogs. It does not have to fit the standards... Please check the Special Assignments page, so we can discuss what can work for you!

Warning for veterinarians!

Veterinarians are welcome to participate in our seminars, but are seriously warned against showing any public business relationship with K9joy®! We have on record that it can cause expensive legal trouble. The veterinary associations do not want our information on food and health care made public, as they are very much aware that a general dissemination of this information will result in main-stream veterinarians experiencing serious reductions of their income... We know of several holistic veterinarians who have been fined thousands of dollars by their associations, for no other "crime" than linking to our website in their newsletter or openly supporting a person arranging a seminar with us!

If you are a veterinarian, and you want to connect with us, you are more than welcome, but please do it in privacy. We will, of course, keep your professional information completely confidential and do everything we can to protect your business license from getting into trouble because of us...

But we are not going to shut up, just because some monopolistic mafia-organizations' members make more money on unhealthy dogs than on healthy dogs. We are in this business for the dogs' sake. If you are too, we will be happy to work with you, regardless of what associations you are forced to be a member of, in order to sustain your livelihood.

So far, two of K9joy®'s seminars have been made available on video - you can order those on-line from K9joy's home page. Please check their web-site (click on the name) where you can also view excerpts from the videos - it might give you a fair idea about what you can expect from our instructor Mogens Eliasen...

Why do some dog "listen" - whereas others don't?

A dogs ability to respect human authority is subject to several things:

  • How well they were taught so when they were from 8 to 12 weeks old.

  • How well the human superior can communicate in Dog Language.

  • How good a pack leader the human is.

  • What the dog has learned from this human.

The early experience is like Imprinting - once done, it will never change. So, if your dog did not learn fundamental respect for humans before it was 12 weeks old, too bad....

The rest of it is a matter of you, though!

More information about solving dog behavioral problems

Got a "dog problem"?

If you have a problem with your dog, chances are that your dog also has a problem with you...

You can contact Mogens Eliasen about any behavioral problem you experience with your dog and get answers on the phone (no matter where you live!):

Titles available from K9joy®:

Anders Hallgren:
"The ABC's of Dog Language" (140 page book - 1996)
Understand what your dog is telling you - and communicate with it on its own terms. A must have for all dog lovers. Easy to read. Easy to use as reference.

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Dog's Social Behavior" (2.5 hr. video - 1998, updated on DVD 2006, with support materials on a CD)
How the dog's behavior is linked to its instincts and needs. What you can change and what is "for life". How you use this information to dramatically improve your relationship with your dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"BrainWork for Smart Dogs" (380 page e-book - 2003)
How you get a happy and well-behaved dog, stimulating its brain with 15 minutes of fun per day. Dogs need to work and use their instinct in order to be in mental balance. Everyone can do it with these instructions. More than 40 exercises to choose from!

Mogens Eliasen:
"Don't Pull on the Leash!" (40 page e-book - 2005)
The 5 simple steps in this complete training manual will effectively stop any dog from pulling on the leash, with no pain or abuse and no special equipment - and make the start of a much better relationship with the dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?" (30 page e-book - 2005, updated 2006)
A layman's overview of how and why drinking water gets contaminated - and what you can do about it.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Feeding Your Dog - the Natural Way" (1 hr. video - 1998)
The fastest introduction to get you started on feeding your dog a natural diet. It explains the dog's physiology in simple terms, so you also understand why you should do this.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Canine Choice - by Nature" (80 page e-book - 1999, updated 2005)
The simple "how-to" about feeding a natural diet for optimal health.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners"
(340 page e-book - revised/expanded 2006)
Everything you need for making your own informed decisions about what to feed your dog, and why and how. Includes numerous examples of feeding plans plus two chapters on how to work with your vet, also if he/she does not approve of your feeding...

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?"
(125 page e-book - 2004 updated/revised 2006)
What we know and don't know about the wolf and its natural feeding, and about the dog and its domestication, and what we can and cannot conclude from wolf to dog... this is the big "why?" behind any responsible approach to feeding your dog.

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