Vaccines - how they work,
when they work - and
what we know and
do not know about them

Regardless what your vet most likely will tell you,
vaccines are not 100% safe, they are not 100% reliable,
and they are absolutely not always your best choice....

This highly controversial seminar from K9joy will explain, in layman's terms, how vaccines are manufactured, how they work, and what it takes for them to function as intended.

Unfortunately, the financial stakes in this topic are enormous - and dog owners are more or less forced to pay for what is outright fraud, misinformation, political manipulation, securing of profits, avoidance of scandals, and treason, without serving the purpose of securing the health of dogs. On the contrary, dogs pay a heavy price with their health, in order for veterinarians and vaccine manufacturers to make money, and in order for government to avoid "taking a risk", where, in reality, most often, no risk exists.

This being said, it must also be said that there are certain known potential benefits to some vaccines - but it most definitely does not cover all vaccines, and it absolutely does not cover the current vaccine protocols that are recommended by veterinarians and their associations, and sometimes reinforced as law by politicians who do not grasp that they are prey for commercial interests, being lobbied into stripping people of their rights to make their own choices on behalf of their animals, in a ridiculous scaremonger that is completely unsubstantiated by facts.

Is it really that bad?

Well, come an listen and watch what we have to offer - and then decide for yourself!

We will explain how the immune system works, and why a vaccination never gives instant protection! We discuss what it is about vaccines that sometimes make them work, and sometimes not. Although these factors scientifically are extremely complicated, the principles are are simple and, when you understand how the immune system works, they make sense.

We will further go into detail with the known side effects, which sometimes can be fatal, at least in accordance with the vaccine manufacturers' own claims! An unpleasant fact, which, by the way, more often than not is completely ignored by most veterinarians...

We will also discuss in detail the specific vaccines against the specific dog diseases - and particularly provide some scientific stats on their side-effects and efficiency.

Yes, we will discuss some relevant alternatives, where they exist. And we will discuss the political aspects of protecting our constitutional rights to make our own choices in all areas of our lives where other people and other people's property are not at risk; not even threatened.

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This is what you will get from this K9joy seminar:

  • A tangible understanding of the immune system and how it works - for dogs as well as for people.

  • What a vaccine is composed of, and what those components do to a body.

  • The effects of a vaccination - desired ones, as well as undesired ones....

  • The parameters that influence if a vaccination is going to provide immunity or not.

  • How we can measure if a vaccine was indeed effective.

  • What we know about immunity - and the time it lasts....

  • Why vaccine manufacturers do not provide proof of the true efficiency of their vaccines...

  • Why nobody else does...

  • How immunity can be acquired without vaccination!!

  • What we know about the efficiency of vaccines...

  • The known side effects of vaccines...

  • What we know about repeating vaccinations...

  • What we know about the effect of mixing vaccines together in single shots...

  • What the vaccine manufacturers tell us about risks from suing their products, and why they do that....

  • Why most veterinarians nevertheless ignore the vaccine manufacturers' warnings....

  • Why the American Veterinary Medical Association left the negotiations they were invited to by the US government in order to discuss a change in recommended vaccine protocol for their members, so the association's recommendations would be brought in line with what the 27 veterinary schools in the USA now recommended in unison....

  • Why veterinarians do not dare to tell the truth about this, even if they wanted to....

  • What risks you expose other people and other dogs to by not vaccination your dog...

  • Why other people want to make sure that you vaccinated your dog....

  • What information you need, and how you get it, in order to make up your mind about how you are doing to deal with the issue of "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate" in a diligent manner that serves the health of your dog to best of your abilities.

  • What we, as free citizens in a free country can and should do to protect our rights to freely choose what serves us best, as long as we do not violate any similar rights of other people, or expose society to any undue risks.

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What you will not get from this K9joy seminar:

  • You will not get any information that is passed on to you because we can make money on your believing in what we tell you - we have absolutely no financial stake in the choices you make, on the basis of the information we provide. Only you and your dog have. And your vet. And the vaccine manufacturers, of course.

  • You will not be filled with scientific BS, you can't understand and can't determine the validity of. We will explain things in layman's terms, but nevertheless with scientific weight, and based on information you can check for yourself if you want to - it is publicly available. Our aim is to make you understand; not to bluff you.

  • You will not be told what you should believe and what you should decide. That's up to you. We will only pass on information and evidence, so you can make your own diligent choices. We believe in your intelligence and see no need for "brainwashing" you or putting pressure on you.

  • You will not be bluffed to believe that "we know it all"; nobody does. But we will be honest with you about what we think about the information that is available to us: we will explain to you why we recommend putting exactly the emphasis on it we do.

  • You will not get all the information you might want to have, so you have no risk of doing wrong; nobody will ever have that.... You will have to make your decisions based on incomplete information. But we will certainly help you reducing the gaps as much as possible - and with assessing the importance of what we do not know, compared to what we indeed know.

Did you pass the test? J

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