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Does this breeder feed his/her dogs a raw natural diet?

Does this breeder refuse to perform (or have performed) cosmetic amputations (cropping of ears, ducking of tails)?

Does this breeder allow the mother bitch and otehr adult dogs to wean the puppies naturally by regurgitating semi-digested food for them?

Does this breeder rear the puppies in a place where they get at least as much contact (while awake) with people as they do with other dogs (litter mates included) after they are 3 weeks old?

Does this breeder abstain from vaccinating young puppies before they are 12 weeks old, and does the breeder then limit vaccinations to only one vaccine at a time?

Does this breeder actively involve the buyer in selecting the best possible match of owner/puppy and does he/she restrict sale of puppies to only people that meet certain criteria that are related to the puppy's future well-being?

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