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- for people who value health as more important than fame and looks...

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DoggiesDude : Colossus Kennels India
DogueDeBordeaux,DoggiesDude,Colossus kennels breeders DoguedeBordeaux English Mastiff, BloodHounds in India

Highland Glenn English Shepherds
Working Farmdogs. Devoted Companions. Natural Health... Natural Rearing.

Buttercup Puppies
I am a holistic breeder which means I do not use chemicals or drugs when raising my puppies.  I use different natural things which you can read about on my website.  The food you feed is very import

Canadian Teddy Bear Goldendoodles
We holistically breed quality English Goldendoodles. Our puppies are bred for temperament. specifically with children in mind.

Pine Springs Golden Retrievers
Natural Rearing breeder of Golden Retrievers

Briar Hill English Shepherds
We naturally rear English Shepherds to promote health and longevity while preserving the all-around farm dog characteristics of the breed. Reg: ESC, UKC | MDR1 Clear (normal/normal)

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As artificial means, we shall count

  • using synthetic drugs or special supplements during pregnancy and nursing for "prevention of possible health problems";
  • using Caesarian for conception;
  • using x-rays on a pregnant bitch or a growing puppy, except for emergency reasons;
  • performing any kind of cosmetic surgery on puppies, including ducking tails and cropping ears;
  • feeding a diet that does not mainly consist of raw meat, raw organs, and raw bones;
  • deliberately weaning puppies before 6 weeks of age;
  • vaccinating puppies before 3 months of age;
  • bottling puppies who cannot suckle themselves or whom the bitch excluded from nursing.

If your breeding uses any of those non-natural practices, then please use this link page instead.

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