Testing your knowledge about
Dog Behavior:

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Is it important to know this? Well, for your dog, it is VERY important that you know too! Because, if you don't know, then how are you supposed to do what it right for the dog? Dogs are very social, and they have a very strong need for being part of a well-organized pack. They look to their pack leader as you look to the pilot in the airplane! He better be good at flying that plane - you put your life in his hands with his knowledge!

Good leadership is a set of skills that can be learned. In the human world, it is quite complicated, though. We do not have many good leaders around.... But in a dog pack, like your family, things are much simpler - and definitely within what you can learn!

Yes, knowledge alone does not do it. It takes practice also. But where would you be without the knowledge to guide you?

Your dog will love you for trying!

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