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My Pet Carnivore
My Pet Carnivore is a supplier of raw meat, bone and organ products for our carnivore dogs and cats. Products are from NON- factory farmed stock - 95% of our meat is grassfed. Midwest USA delivery.

Prey 4 Pets
Prey 4 Pets supplies whole prey and prey-model components for a varied raw diet. We ship to all 48 continental US states.
Totally Raw Natural Dog Food, based in Nova Scotia, provides a complete line of whole foods and ground dinners. Our products are human grade and do not contain any preservatives or fillers.
BARF i bedste kvalitet. Butikken har alt fra vitaminer/mineraler, ben, kød, olier & guffer til BARFhundende... Vi ses i Varde
BARF i bedste kvalitet. Butikken har alt fra vitaminer/mineraler, ben, kød, olier & guffer til BARFhundende... Vi ses i Varde
We produce Fresh Raw Tripe Dog Food for not only our own Dogs, but our satisfied customers.

Heronview Raw and Natural Pet foods
Large selection of raw and natural raw food and supplies. Our product is fresh and our prices are excellent. Food the way Nature intended
We offer to prepare, portion and deliver a variety of RAW food you would make yourself.

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