Testing your knowledge about
Feeding Your Dog:

What are the ingredients of 
the diet YOU serve for your dog? 
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Your dog depends on you for its survival 
- and its health on your ability to provide 
a well-balanced natural diet! 
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Is it important to know this? Well, for your dog, it is VERY important that you know too! Dogs are carnivores, and even though they do need some vegetarian input to their diet, they cannot thrive without a proper balance. And that balance is very different from what would make a healthy and well-balanced diet for you!

(No insult to your possible taste for a good steak, but humans have tried to become hunters for more than 300,000 years now, and we are still not capable of digesting raw meat! We have to cook it first in order to get the nutritional value from it.)

As you understand now, there are quite a few pitfalls you need to avoid when feeding your dog - as the above examples show. A natural human diet will not do it, and any of the commercial dog foods certainly won't either! The most serious of those manufacturers openly admit that their food is the best on the market - because there is no raw natural dog food available on the market! They rely on "consumer convenience" for their business and ignore the fact of this costing your dog 30-35% of its life span, and increasing your vet bills to a total level that in average is about 10 times higher than what you would need if you knew how to feed your dog a natural diet...

Think about those numbers. They are based on scientific studies. Would it matter to you if your dog could live 3-5 years longer? Would it matter to you if you could reduce your vet bills to about 10% of what they would be if you continue feeding commercial "dog" food?

These questions are rhetoric - because we know you want your dog to be as healthy as you can make it! And when you have fed your dog a natural diet for 4-8 weeks, you can answer the question your vet might ask you: "What an excellent shape your dog is in? What are you feeding it?"

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