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Do you know of any Holistic Veterinarians you can recommend?

This list is meant to be a guide for those who are looking for a veterinarian that will be supportive in a holistic treatment of their dog. ("Holistic" means "taking everything into account", as opposed to restricting oneself to certain limitations and traditions in regards to dealing with a problem of complex nature. In medicine, this particularly means "considering the whole body" and "being open-minded in regards to possible alternative treatment options".)

We hope to grow this list dramatically and fast. If you know of any veterinarian from whom you have experienced an open mind and holistic attitude, then please fill in this form and submit it to us so we can expand the list. If you are in doubt what makes a holistic veterinarian different from an "ordinary" veterinarian, then check if your candidate veterinarian is practicing the following:

  • Recommending clients to feed a raw natural diet. Holistic veterinarians do so because they know there really should be no alternative, regardless what the representatives of pet food industry want you to believe.

  • Practicing preventive health care and careful diagnosing as higher priorities than standard treatments of symptoms.

  • Using homeopathy, herbal treatments, and natural remedies as possible alternatives to traditional drug medication in non-acute cases.

  • Demonstrating willingness to work together with chiropractors, acupuncturists, reflexologists, and other "non-traditional" medical professionals that may not be fully acknowledged by standard western medicine.

  • Exercising caution in regards to vaccination and over-vaccination by abstaining from pushing multivaccines, yearly re-vaccinations, and early puppy vaccinations. Holistic veterinarians acknowledge that vaccination is risky and should be used with diligence.

  • Involving the client in understanding the available options, making diligent decisions to the best of the animal, and supporting the suggested treatments. Holistic veterinarians want to educate their clients in taking good care of their animals' health.

If you know of a veterinarian you know fits one or more of the features of this description, please let us know! By being the sponsor of this information, you help the veterinarian reach out to more people and help more dogs live a healthy and enjoyable life.

In the following table, the veterinarians are listed as we have received the information from the sponsor, and the presentation of this information is solely the sponsor's responsibility. The name of the veterinarian is presented in bold when we have confirmed the listing directly with him/her.

The Sponsor is the person who submitted the listing, and the comments are made by the sponsor. Additional information is available from the sponsor - click on the name, and an e-mail will be prepared. Together with the sponsor is listed the date of the submission and the year of the sponsor's first contact with the veterinarian (if available).

You will see letters displayed under the name of the veterinarian. Those letters refer to the holistic disciplines you can expect this veterinarian to perform, as per the experience of the sponsor for this listing. The letters stand for:

Small letters indicate lesser certainty from the sponsor's side. A missing letter indicates that the knowledge was not available from the sponsor at the time the information was submitted. A letter in red is a warning that you can expect controversy with this veterinarian about this particular issue.


Veterinarian: Location: Contact + Info: Sponsor: Comments:
Peter Dobias

233 Seymour River Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7H 2N8 (604) 983-0987

2003 May 19
(Since 2003)
Dr. Dobias is a fantastic holistic vet who recommends a raw diet to all of his clients. He is very patient and understanding, and has been very supportive as we started feeding raw to our dogs, all of whom had serious health problems.
Margaret Cairns

Juan De Fuca Veterinary Clinic, Victoria, BC (250) 478-0422

2003 MAR 17
She always seems genuinely interested in the diet and is genuinely interested in my supplementing.
Pawel Cichon

Sunwood Veterinarian Hospital, Coquitlam, BC (604) 944-4442
2003 MAR 17
(Since 1995)
A very open-minded vet who seriously strives towards the best possible solutions for the dog, and is very willing to involve the client in the reasons for why things are suggested the way they are. He has educated himself in many alternative medical areas.

Raw food - Prevention - Homeopathy/Herbs - Alternative treatments - Vaccination cautious - Client co-operative


Veterinarian: Location: Contact + Info: Sponsor: Comments:
Finn Jensen Smed

Rask Mølle Dyrehospital
(15 km W/Horsens)
(Speaks English)

2003 MAR 17
(Since 1972)
For more than 40 years, a world-class advocate and front-runner of a holistic approach to treating animals, particularly dogs. Raw food, alternative treatment, focus on health and prevention.

Raw food - Prevention - Homeopathy/Herbs - Alternative treatments - Vaccination cautious - Client co-operative


Veterinarian: Location: Contact + Info: Sponsor: Comments:
Jeff Todd

R - H A - C
2315 Lynn Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612 (919) 847-9396
2003 MAR 17
He is currently my vet and the dogs and I both love him!
Fred Madriaga

R P - - V C
Corona Animal Hospital
1565 Yorba Street Corona, CA 92882
(909) 735-1642

2003 MAR 17
Home of the Home Made 4 Life Pet Foods. The Completely Balanced Raw and Natural Pet Food. Now Offering Green Tripe in Goat, Lamb and Beef!
Jack Long

R p H a - c
5033 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472 (707) 887-2261
2003 MAR 17
Jean Metzler

r P H A V C
Orangevale Veterinary Hospital 916-987-2055
2003 MAR 17
Accupuncture, chiropractic, theraputic massage, & underwater treadmill available. Enjoys working with breeder/exhibitors. Fertility expert. Not afraid to get opinions and info from other specialists.

r p h a v c
American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Association
2218 Old Emmorton Road, Bel Air, MD 21015
On-line directory

2003 MAR 17
The AHVMA has members also outside the USA.

Raw food - Prevention - Homeopathy/Herbs - Alternative treatments - Vaccination cautious - Client co-operative

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