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Holistic veterinarians

- for people who want a vet who truly cares for the animals...

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Let's specify what we mean with "holistic":

  • Working on a premise of considering and treating the whole dog, not just an isolated symptom;
  • Acceptance of the value of other medical modalities than traditional allopathic medicine;
  • Prioritizing the animal's well-being above financial concerns and above political dictations from authorities, including government, veterinary associations, and commercial enterprises;
  • Being open to discuss the pros and cons of any proposed treatment plan with the client/owner.

And here are just a few examples of what a holistic veterinarian will never do:

  • vaccinate a sick or injured or traumatized animal;
  • proceed with an intrusive treatment of an ailment without having a certain diagnosis;
  • recommend or use yearly vaccinations with multiple vaccines;
  • recommend grain-based carbohydrate-rich kibble products as adequate food for a carnivore;
  • recommend or use preventive medication against diseases that do not prevail in the area;
  • try to make you believe that he/she knows everything there is to know about dealing with dog health and dog disease.

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