for Private Lessons, Seminars, and Special Assignments, including private Camp Courses, with Mogens Eliasen

If you want to hire Mogens Eliasen to do seminars, workshops, courses, public speaking, or private consulting with you or a group of people you organize, then this is perfectly possible.

The terms are strictly based on the win-win principle, and the total price depends on the details of the assignment. On this page, you should be able to get an idea of what kind of money you need to commmit, in order to do this. It is not meant as a price list, but as a guide. For each assignment, a specific agreement will be made to spell out the details, so there is no doubt left.

You should understand that we cannot control your marketing and organization of such an event, so we cannot commit planning and travel arrangements without a serious financial commitment on your part. This means that you must be prepared for providing a downpayment that covers at least the travel costs. The balance is generally payable at the beginning of the assignment, directly to Mogens Eliasen when you see him. The exact fees are negotiable and depends on the kind of arrangement you want. The total price, of course, also depends on the travel costs. If you are the organizer of such an event, you are welcome to charge the participants whatever fees you think are reasonable.

Please study this page and decide what kind of arrangement is best for you. Towards the bottom of this page, you will find three types of standard agreements that are acceptable to K9joy. In order for you to obtain a firm offer from us, we need to know primarily the dates, the activities, and the location - and which kind of agreement will fit you the best.

Main ActivityDetails:FeesComments

Basic hourly rate for personal coaching, excluding any preparation or materials:
(applies to private lessons, classes, consulting services, and other use of professional time that is not covered by any other standard or up-front agreement)

Hourly rate: $65 Minimum charge 2 hours.

For all assignments, travel expenses and personal travel time are to be added (see below). Those expenses are payable before the start of an assignment.

Evening Seminar/Workshop, including student handout materials:
(applies to all standard seminars/workshops that are scheduled to run over an evening or over half a day)



Payable when the assignment is committed, min. 1 month ahead.

First 10 students or less:


Payable min. 2 weeks before the start of the seminar/workshop.

Fee per student exceeding 10:


Payable at the start of the seminar/workshop.

Full-day Seminar/Workshop, including student handout materials:
(applies to full-day seminars/workshops and to any combination of two standard seminars/workshops in one day)



Payable when the assignment is committed, min. 1 month ahead.

First 10 students or less:


Payable min. 2 weeks before the start of the seminar/workshop.

Fee per student exceeding 10:


Payable at the start of the seminar/workshop.

Full Weekend Seminar/Workshop, including student handout materials:
(applies to two and an half full days with the equivalent of 5 seminars, from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon.)



Payable when the assignment is committed, min. 2 months ahead.

First 10 students or less:


Payable min. 1 month before the start of the seminar/workshop.

Fee per student exceeding 10:


Payable at the start of the seminar/workshop.

Full Week Camp Course, including student handout materials:
(applies to 7 consecutive days of training with dogs, in classes of maximum 8 students.)



Payable when the assignment is committed, min. 3 months ahead.

First 6 students or less:


Payable min. 4 weeks before the start of the course.

Fee per student exceeding 6:


Payable at the start of the course.

All of the above mentioned fees are subject to negotiation so they can include some or all of the costs outlined below.

For all Seminars/Workshops/Courses, travel expenses and personal travel time are to be added to the above charges unless the client pays for them in advance or makes the services available free of charge (see below), and they are payable before the start of the assignment.

Provided the client and K9joy have agreed at the time of the assignment being committed, such charges might also be included in the general rates listed above, in return for those rates being increased accordingly. The details for this must be negotiated and agreed on an individual basis.

For a quick overview of how the individual charges add up, you can use this Excel sheet to input your variables (opens in a separate window).

K9joy assumes no responsibility whatsoever for assignments that are not committed by the client paying the required deposit.

Unless specifically agreed otherwise, the client is always responsible for the following:

  1. Advertising/promotion is on the client's account. K9joy might announce the event on the web site and/or in "The Peeing Post", if agreed, but it is up to the client to get people to come to the arranged event. K9joy will not be liable for any less-than-optimal participation, and fees will not be refunded or reduced as a result of unexpectedly low participation.

  2. Payments from students is the client's sole responsibility. K9joy is willing to discuss arrangements that involve K9joy as a subcontractor, using K9joy's web site and merchant account for on-line or in-person charges, but such services and the price for them have to be negotiated separately. For such an arrangement, K9joy will retain a small percentage of the fees collected, to cover the banking costs and the web programming involved. As an additional option, the arrangement can be included in K9joy's affiliate program, for ultimate leverage. For clients that do not have their own affiliate network in place, this possibility should no be ignored.

  3. Student list: For all Seminars/Workshops/Courses, the client must provide a full list of all names/addresses/phone numbers of all students, no less than 2 weeks ahead of the assignment, unless otherwise agreed. Failure from the client's side to comply with this will release K9joy from all obligations in regards to handout materials, including payment of affiliate commissions on goods sold at the event (see below).

  4. Facilities must be made available by the client, ready to use. Any kind of shared accommodation in a room that is open for public access (like a pub) is not acceptable. Permission to smoke is not acceptable in any areas of shared occupation; this particularly includes the areas around entrances people need to use, and it certainly also includes outdoor areas where dogs are being worked!

    For Seminars, the necessary facilities include

    • Class room or auditorium, equipped with a functional overhead projector and a black board or white board. Lecture podium or chair is redundant.
    • Microphone for larger audiences must be cordless and attachable to the body - but microphone is generally not necessary, unless the acoustic in the room is very bad or the audience is bigger than 200 people.
    • Ability for students to make notes.

    For Workshops, it includes all of the above, plus:

    • An area where we can work the dogs, in groups of 4-8 dogs at a time, in a way that allows all students to see the action with the dogs.

    For all Courses (particularly including Camp Courses), it encompasses:

    • Permission to use adequate training areas. For a sample letter to relevant park authorities or property owners (a WORD document you can edit), please click here (opens in separate window). Permission must cover
      • a minimum of one possible training location per day of training, within driving distance from the accommodation (half an hour maximum),
      • a minimum of two additional locations within walking distance from the accommodation;
      Each location should be at least 1 acre per dog - for advanced tracking and search, 3 acres or more, preferably of different nature (vegetation); for the two "local" locations, a total of 1/2 acre will suffice. All locations must provide shady areas for the dogs to stay when not working.
    • Accommodation posibilities for all students; dogs must be allowed in the rooms; luxury level to be determined by the client - but ordinary motel standard quality will suffice for K9joy, as long as a handicap toilet (access for a large person) is available.
    • A class room where dogs are allowed; the classroom must be equipped as for a Seminar. An outdoor tent will be OK.
    • For camp courses, food storage facilities must be provided for the students, plus near-by shopping possibilities if meals are not provided for by the host or the client. Food storage must allow frozen dog food. Provision of dry kibble food to the students' dogs is not acceptable.

  5. Travel expenses are to be reimbursed at face value or paid for or provided by client:
    * Accommodation and Meals
    * Fares, taxi, airport fees, etc.
    * Mileage for use of own vehicle (at $0.32 per mile, or $.20/km)
    * Overhead projector and screen, if not provided: $75 (only with road travel)
    * Whiteboard/blackboard + markers/chalk, if not provided: $50 (only with road travel)

    Unless otherwise agreed, all travel costs are calculated on the basis of the travel starting and ending in Creston, BC.

  6. Personal travel time (air and/or road), including all time from start of travel till beginning of assignment, and from end of assignment till end of travel, will be charged at $10 per hour, regardless any possible use of this time for other purposes (such as rest or entertainment), as long as this does not interfere with the assignment. Waiting time between multiple assignments in excess of 3 hours (day) or 12 hours (night) will count as additional "personal travel time".

A fixed amount for travel expenses and personal travel time can be negotiated. Such an amount must be paid no later than 1 month prior to commencement of travel.

All fees and conditions above are subject to change without notice, unless committed by agreement confirmed by a received down payment.

All fees are payable in US funds as specified. Payment in other currencies may be negotiated if requested.

All payments must be made either cash or as per our standard payment schedule, unless otherwise agreed. For certified checks and money orders, payment must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the announced due date (see the table at the top of this page).

The client is welcome to charge the students any fees he/she finds reasonable for allowing access to the event, or none at all.

The event may be combined with other events that do not involve K9joy.

The client may provide handouts to the students, introducing his/her own business/organization.

The client is further welcome to facilitate retail sale of K9joy products adjacently to the lessons, as long as it does not interfere with the teaching. Mogens Eliasen will be happy to make reference to this whenever it fits into the teaching.

It is strongly suggested that the client provides a handout (order form) regarding K9joy's offers. Such handout, however, is subject to K9joy's approval and must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the assignment. In case the client does not provide such handout regarding K9joy's offers for approval, K9joy may, in its sole discretion, choose to provide one itself, at its own expense and for its own sole benefit. In such case, no affiliate commissions will be payable to the client on such sales.

For marketing support, the client is welcome to use K9joy's standard materials, including the standard seminar/course descriptions, which can be accessed through http://k9joy.com/dogtraining/seminaroverview.php. Most of the additional promotional material (like fliers) can be accessed through this page - and should, of course, be modified to fit the specific event.

References to agreements

  • Review K9joy's standard Assignment Agreement (PDF file opens in separate window). This option is great fro an organization that will extend our services to their own members, and wants to keep the cost at a minimum, without being concerned about own revenue.

  • In case of combination of multiple assignments, or if agreed between the parties, assignments might be accepted on a Joint-Venture basis. Please review K9joy's standard Joint-Venture Assignment Agreement for this (PDF file opens in separate window). This option is probably the simplest and most effective for as business organization that wants to make money on the arrangement.

  • Under special circumstances, as agreed between the parties, assignments might be accepted on a flat fee basis. Please review K9joy's standard Flat-Fee Assignment Agreement for this (PDF file opens in separate window). This option could be of value to a large organization that arranges a large event where counting participants is no easy task. This might be the case where the arrangement is part of a bigger arrangement (like a trade show), for which people already paid access, but without commitment to participate in the offered K9joy arrangements.

  • For registration as a K9joy Affiliate, please check http://k9joy.com/affiliates for more information on the program and on signing up, and also review K9joy's Affiliate Agreement (PDF file opens in separate window).

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