Scheduled activities,
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On this page you will find those seminars and courses that are planned and open for the public. They may or may not run - it depends on the number of participants that sign up, and when the maximum number of participants has been reached, no more students will be taken in. Activities that are not listed here are either for a closed group or are so newly planned that they missed the last update of this page...

Date Location Seminar/workshop
or course
(Links to sign-up)
Contact person Contact phone
or e-mail
June 17-23, 2007 Creston, BC, Canada
Camp Course
(1 week)
Mogens Eliasen 1-403-770-1867 or
August 2007 Ringe, Fyn, Denmark
Camp Course
(1 week)
Mogens Eliasen (+45) 36 98 02 98 (evenings, local time) or

If the seminar or course you want isn't listed, maybe we should talk about arranging it? You can check here what our general requirements are, both in terms of facilities and finances. with what you are looking for!

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